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Tribal Team Magic – The Secrets of Amazing Group Experiences

by eloepthien on June 25th, 2010

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can
change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
– Margaret Mead

Some group experiences in my life felt
just as transformative and magical as falling in love. Why? Bellman and
Ryan studied the secret ingredients of extraordinary groups – made of
perfectly ordinary people.

What a Group Needs

We all share the instinct to group
together. To make it a nourishing
experience there are three interconnected and dynamic needs to pay
attention to.

1. Growing towards ones Potential
Let all members know who they are and support them in expressing and
appreciating     themselves.
Help each other to sense one’s full potential and support each other in
growing towards your better selves and possibilities that lay ahead of
you. Allow each other to jump in with enthusiasm, even beyond set
roles. Celebrate when the actions are passionate or even chaotic. Look
out for unexpected learning along the way.

2. Joining for Purpose
Develop a shared sense of identity by knowing who you are together and
creating safe space for each other. Each one is playing their part. The
leadership is shared and individuals take on responsibilities mutually.
Create little but just enough structure, so that the members can move
forward with confidence.
Be present for the reason that you came together, move in the same
direction, influence and count on each other .
Facilitate your group process towards a joint purpose, bring lightness
and humor and use conflict as a source of creativity.

3. Creating Change together
Be alert to the world around you, let yourself be intrigued and
understand and accept it as it is.
Set the intention to make the world a better place and get ready to
act. Find a purpose so compelling that the group project becomes a top
priority in the lives of its members.
You can be powerful together and you need each other to make a
difference. Set clear goals with flexible plans. Face into adversity
and resistance by keeping the group together.

A Source of True Transformation

As in Margaret Meads quote above I truly believe that small groups of
people can have a tremendous impact on the world. They certainly had in
my life. What are the groups that you are involved in right now? Can
you point out which of the group needs they are meeting and what is yet
missing? How could you influence these groups to create a more
transformative experience for everyone involved?
Find out more about Bellmann & Ryans book: “Extraordinary Groups –
How ordinary Teams achieve amazing results”

(Article originally published at Photograph
“A Tribal Team in a Tree” by T. Jackson 2010)

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